MoonBots Teams Receive MINDSTORMS® Kits and Robots from Denmark- LEGO® Headquarters

We are happy to report that all MoonBots Teams have received their MINDSTORMS Kits and Robots from LEGO Headquarters in Denmark. Many teams have shared with us in their weekly blogs that they are putting together their moonscapes, reworking some of their designs based on some of the challenge components and thinking about how to record their mission. Here are more updates:

are excited about receiving their kit and discuss their next steps in this video blog.

OABB 4-H Lego Robots dealing with some pesky ants! “At our meeting today we glued on the perimeter pictures with some adhesive glue. We figured out some great techniques to put it on, but it is still hard to get the perimeter pictures to line up with the poster board. As we were working there were a bunch of ants underneath our feet, and we didn't realize it till we were about half way done with everything."

Coastal Quarks
are thinking ahead. “Yesterday at the Moonbots meeting, we built a whole bunch of sets. It's all in the video- unfortunately, I am having some difficulties getting the video on the computer due to some cord issues. I'm still working on it though- we shall see what we shall see!”

Note- we will be featuring more teams on future Launch Pad posts. Highlighting teams does not give any advantage to the judging process.

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