MoonBots Teams Working Hard in Phase Two of the Challenge

MoonBots Teams are doing some great things! From posting more pictures and video blogs on their website, to being interviewed on online television shows, these teams are really stepping up to the plate for Phase Two of the MoonBots Challenge.

Here are more updates.

Milky Way Monsters posted pictures about their reaction to finding out that they had made in to Phase Two. “ At our team meeting today we talked about how we first heard the news about making it to Phase 2. Noah found out while he was brushing his teeth at 7:30 AM. "I could not wait to tell Will and Matthew at school".

The Shadowed Craters have been very active in their video blogging. Check out their discussion about heritage artifacts and rover locomotion on their team website.

Crandroids are pushing themselves to work on their playing field. "Today we simulated descending the ramp and approaching a crater. We learned more about programming the compass sensor and EOPD sensor. The compass sensor has been more consistent than simple rotation turns. We also discovered that the changes we made to the arm were blocking the view of the camera! We removed most of the blockage but still more work to do."

Note- we will be featuring more teams on future Launch Pad posts. Highlighting teams does not give any advantage to the judging process.

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