Back to Your Regularly-Scheduled (and Improved!) GLXP Program

X PRIZE has had quite a busy summer so far -- the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE is in its last (validation) stage, a new X Challenge for Oil Spill Cleanup was announced last week, some of the team has been supporting the Centennial Boy Scout Jamboree, and as ever, there are always more super sekrit projects in the works.

Over the past couple of weeks, much of the space team has been a-scatter while supporting X PRIZE in various capacities. We were incredibly fortunate to have Michael Doornbos watching over our GLXP online channels while I was away supporting the Automotive X PRIZE. He did an amazing job interviewing GLXP teams Next Giant Leap and the Part Time Scientists (part 1 and part 2), not to mention some of the other cool things that he posted here on the Launch Pad, such as the Shop Manual for your Lunar Lander. We really can't thank him enough! Although some Moonpies should about do it, right? ...Right?

Michael has agreed to continue the interview series with the GLXP teams, which is awesome, so definitely expect to see more from him on the Launch Pad in the future. In the meantime let us know --  What teams would you like to hear from? We'll put out calls for questions prior to interviews, so stay tuned for the upcoming interview schedule. 

It's great to be back with the Google Lunar X PRIZE community!

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