Well, it’s bitter sweet to say goodbye. I am looking very forward to returning to our X PRIZE office next week, but am sad to leave the friends that I have made here at the Jamboree. We (Amanda, Mitch and I) have blogged a lot about this event. This is mainly because we spent close to two weeks out here at Fort A.P Hill Virginia where the Centennial Jamboree took place. We have spent time with National Boy Scout Leadership, Tech Quest Volunteers and Boy Scouts from all parts of the world. One of our objectives for participating at the Boy Scout Jamboree was to build partnerships with organizations that are passionate about STEM Education for youth. I can gladly say that this goal has been achieved. Our partnership with the Boy Scouts has been launched and I am excited about the future projects that will be developed, not only with the Boy Scouts, but the Venturing Program which has girl and boy members. We also look forward to building partnerships with GeoCaching.Com and the Lemelson MIT Program.

Here are some of the highlights that I will take away from this great experience:

- Met youth from all parts of the US and the world, 43,000+ in attendance.

- We surveyed approximately 1,000 boys about their ideas for X PRIZE merit badges, including space exploration education.

- Survived all time recording breaking Virginia heat.

- Met and worked with CISCO (X PRIZE Sponsor) volunteers.

- I got to have daily “school box lunches” which included my favorite childhood Capri Suns.

- I learned how crazy-fun-obsessed youth & adults are when it comes to patch trading.

- I got to experience hands-on demonstrations in Space Exploration, Inventing, Wood Working, Electrical Engineering, Robotics, Drafting and even Dentistry.

More fun pictures!

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