A Day in the Life of an X PRIZE Tech Quest Boy Scout Volunteer- Part Two

On the first day of training Boy Scout Volunteers to work in our X PRIZE tent, I noticed someone out of the corner of my eye paying extra attention to our message. His name is John McMillan. On the second day of the Jamboree, I once again notice someone, it's John. He is diligently going though our X PRIZE website reading about all of the PRIZEs. Half way through the second day, I ask John if he would like to run our X PRIZE videos: Making the Impossible Possible and What Do You Prize? He enthusiastically agrees and from then on, John has been our official volunteer spokesman for X PRIZE here at Technology Quest.

I cannot even begin to tell you how great John has been with the boys the last week and a half. He has not only told the X PRIZE story to thousands of youth, but has shared real life examples of how Boy Scouts can live the X PRIZE dream. As I pass by the makeshift movie theatre (which we built a couple different ways- thank heavens for the Boy Scouts' handy work), I have heard John ask questions like, “How many miles does your car currently get... wouldn’t it be nice to get a 100 miles per gallon?“   “If a 10 million dollar cash prize was put together for a team to sequence 100 genomes, do you think we could find information to design medicine to cure and help diseases? AND, my favorite, “How many of you guys are interested in space? Have you ever heard about the dark side of the Moon, it is like being in super refrigerator.”

Some background about John:

John comes from a family of engineers; grandfather was an aerospace engineer that designed parts for the 747. His uncle was a civil engineer and his aunt works for NASA. John always liked space exploration and computers when he was a kid. He completed many merit badges related to science and technology and earned his Eagle Scout when he was 16. Currently, John is a sophomore at the University of Hawaii, majoring in electrical engineering. He is also looking for internships and has asked me how to get a job at X PRIZE. Anyone have ideas?

In all, John has not only gotten the kids excited about X PRIZE, but he has gotten these youth excited about their dreams. Taking one of the many messages that I have heard John tell the youth, “This is your future and we want to know what you want for the future. Tell us your ideas and maybe you can be a part of the next X PRIZE dream!”

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