Go ahead. Tell NASA What To Do.

Participatory exploration + lunar analogs = win. 

The NASA Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV) will be roving around the lunar-like environs of Northern Arizona in September, and they want you to tell them where to go. They've posted two Gigapans on the Desert RATS website that allow you to explore the area, then ask for your vote on specific locations from that photo.

Admittedly, I was a little disappointed that I couldn't select the top of the mountain there in the distance. But letting the public choose which lava outcroppings to investigate is still pretty darn cool, and a perfect example of participatory exploration at its best. Oh, and Gigapan is awesome.

You can check out the website and vote here, but hurry -- voting ends soon! You can also keep up with the Desert RATS team on Twitter: @DESERT_RATS.

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