Prize Roundup: European High School CanSats, NASA Data Purchase, LAUNCH Health Challenge, NASAMICI Kick Off, Start-ups

@wikkit: Machining is the art of removing everything that isn't a rocket engine.

@fineri: Started welding my new engine up...

European Cansat 2010 - AndoyaRocketRange on YouTube

The first European CanSat Competition for high-school students opened at ARR - Andøya Rocket Range, the Cost-Effective Entrance to Space

Truailliú: ESA's CanSat Competition - This has numerous posts from one of the teams - a bit too many to link to individual posts. Here's one, though: The prize winners of the first European Cansat Competition

Laurel Hill students represent Ireland in Norway - Limerick Post on the web

Teens to launch rocket in Nevada - New

Next Giant Leap Offering Lunar Mission Data To NASA - Aero-News.Net

A hop, skip and a jump on the moon — and beyond - MIT News

Racing to the moon turning lucrative for Oakland's Astrobotic Technologies - Pop City

USAID Partners With NASA, NIKE and State Department to Address Global Health Challenges - press release on SpaceRef:

People can submit their ideas through the InnoCentive website, which allows hundreds of thousands of problem solvers throughout the world to collaborate on the posted challenges. Innovators can submit their health related proposals via the LAUNCH Health challenge at: ... Those who are selected will be invited to NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida Oct. 30-31 where the LAUNCH: Health forum will take place.

Minority Innovation Challenges Institute Kick Off - SpaceRef

Start-up enterprise: Launching the new space race - New Scientist briefly mentions Masten Space Systems, Centennial Challenges, and early aviation's competitions in this article about new commercial space companies.

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