Prize Roundup: MICI Presentations, MoonBots Winners, More X-Hab Finalists, More

@doug_comstock: Congrats to X-Hab proposers Oklahoma St, Univ of Wisc, and Univ of Maryland. Now let the competition begin!

NASA Selects University Finalists for Inflatable Loft Competition - NASA (so you can see the title)

@tedprize: Jill Tarter reports on last month's SETIcon

@peterdiamandis: James Cameron is flying aboard Zero-G to raise money for X PRIZE. Oct 9; VNY; Almost sold out. 3 seats up for bid...

@unrocket: So many projects so little time, Just re-did my printed STL motor model to have GPI prototype quote using DMLS, a better process.

Getting back to rockets. - Unreasonable Rocket:

The potential NASA nanosat launcher prize may change my path, but I'm still thinking the year or so out goal is a reusable vehicle that can go to 100Km and back. It will be much smaller than the Masten and or Armadillo plans. It will also look more rocket like. ...

@nasamici: MICI finishes NASA Strong Tether Month - meet the man who built a tether to try & win $2 mill

Not too late! MICI Presentations from NASA Lunabotics still viewable

@nasaprize: Two lunar lander prize winners (Masten Space Systems and Armadillo Aerospace) selected for NASA CRuSR work

X PRIZE Foundation and LEGO Group Announce Winners in "MoonBots" Educational Contest - X PRIZE Foundation

USST Epic Crash Footage from the Japanese Space Elevator Association's 2010 Competition - on YouTube

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