Prize Roundup: SEDS Videos, Waste Limitation, Mars Education, North Dakota Sats, More

@nss: Student video contest: NSS will help judge & provide prizes.

From the SEDS site:

SEDS-USA is now accepting entries for the SEDS Video Ad contest. We challenge you, your friends, or your club to develop an awesome ad for SEDS-USA that shows the world what our organization is all about!

NASA's Waste Limitation Management and Recycling Design Challenge - NASA NES Teacher's Corner

Mars Education Challenge: Challenging Today's Students to become Tomorrow's Martians - Explore Mars:

The goal of this program will be to challenge science educators around the United States to develop ingenious ways to fit Mars science and exploration into the classroom.

@paulsrobotics: WPI_Robotics #WPI Moonraker, 2k9 FRC Robot, & some RBE class bots at the #makerfaire in NYC this weekend! Stop by & say hi! #omgrobots

@unrocket: Off to FAR to work on the site

Sitting in voyager cafe proteus taxis by must be mojave

101F at FAR mojave did not get the summers over memo

From NASA Centennial Challenges:

For those interested in competing in the three new challenges - the new Allied Organizations will be posting competition rules and plans for team registration sometime after they are selected in October. The actual competitions will probably not begin before 2011.

NASA Selects High Schools To Compete In New Challenge; Winning Software Designs Will Program Satellites on the International Space Station - NASA

ND Satellite Research Contest - University of North Dakota Department of Space Studies:

Through funding provided by Space Grant, Pablo de Leon and UND students will build an actual size satellite that will hang from the ceiling of the Heritage Center. ... Choose one of the satellites. Determine its relevance to North Dakota. ... The one who establishes the best ND connection to the satellite selected will win a prize of $250!

Here we have our quandary: [you] are going to get there first... - Team Phoenicia

@teamprometheus: Thanks to the people that donated to the team we received the new flight control unit for the rocket today! It's...

@conradawards: Check out our new website---

Google Lunar X PRIZE Roundup #29
Google Lunar X PRIZE Roundup #30 - Luna C/I: Moon Colonization and Integration

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