Space Prize Twitter Roundup: High Altitude Balloon, Wikisat, AstroFingernails, NASA RealWorld, More

Check out the recent NSE-5 video and other information from Team Prometheus. You can see more from their twitter, especially the September 4 tweets:

@TeamPrometheus: I uploaded a YouTube video -- Team Prometheus NSE-5

NSE-6 is a much bigger project! We need all the help we can get. Please donate and help our team get into space!...

New website going up! Under construction! Check it out.

NSE-5 flight profile in 3D!

@nprize: Just noticed Wikisat's video update:

@pkhomer: Why they need new gloves: Astronauts' Fingernails Falling Off Due to Glove Design : via @NatGeoSociety

I'm too late on this one, which is from yesterday:

@SpaceAdventures: Anousheh Ansari speaking tonight at TEDxMidTownNY

@dmasten: Got the fiberglass intertank mockup in yesterday. Reassembly of Xoie into Xaero now at full speed.

Here are a some twitter identities I ran across yesterday. I'll find a spot for them in the twitter lists on the top left panel of Space Prizes blog and twitter page:

@RASCAL2011: exciting news coming! not one but TWO! RASC-AL competitions this year. space exploration and planetary rover...more info soon!


@RWIWChallenge: register 2day & join FREE NSTA Web Sem. 2 learn more about how 2become part of RealWorld-InWorld Design Challenge: #nasa

NASA RealWorld-InWorld NASA Engineering Design Challenge

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