Thank You Google Lunar X PRIZE Teams For Your Support Throughout the MoonBots Competition

Many amazing things happened as a result of the MoonBots Challenge. From youth increasing their skills in CAD design software, to finding out that many teams spent more than 200+ hours programming their robots -- this competition allowed youth and adults to works together on a fun, creative, scientific project! As stated in earlier blogs posts, I always knew that youth and adults liked robots, the Moon, and LEGO; but I never suspected the kind of reaction we would receive for this challenge. Personally, one of the greatest highlights for me to see was the enthusiasm and support our Google Lunar X PRIZE Teams gave to our Moonbots teams from all over the world!

We learned during Phase One of the Challenge that Part Time Scientists, FredNet, Chandah, Odyssey Moon, Barcelona Moon and Next Giant Leap were supporting our MoonBots Teams. Then during Phase Two of the Challenge, we actively observed Omega Envoy, FredNet, Astrobotic, Euroluna, Part Time Scientists and Next Giant Leap provide technical guidance to many of the twenty finalists.

Here are a few quotes from our MoonBots Teams about their interactions:

“We worked extensively with Team FredNet and really enjoyed the opportunity to get more involved and knowledgeable about Lunar Exploration and Open Source collaboration.”

“We learned from Euroluna and Omega Envoy what it takes and how hard it is to get a privately funded rover into space. We learned about the technical and team work skills needed for a successful mission.”

“We met with Next Giant Leap’s MIT Space Systems Laboratory. We got a behind the scenes demonstration of their SPHERES autonomous robots.”

I am positive that because of the MoonBots Challenge, more youth and adults will actively follow the Google Lunar X PRIZE. And who knows, maybe a few teams will get some new members! To summarize my feelings about the competition, I think one of the MoonBots Team Captain's quotes says it all, "This has been a real blast! Thank you for all of the efforts to help these kids."

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