A Day of Exploration in the Isle of Man- October 4, 2010

Did you know that World Space Week is celebrated in fifty nations by students across the world? In support of World Space Week, the Google Lunar XPRIZE Education Program kick started the week with supporting “A Day of Exploration” with Isle of Man students. Approximately 200 students from four different high schools were educated about all of the great successes that have happened on October 4th: Sputnik 1 and the Ansari X PRIZE.

The Isle of Man Department of Education and Children, and Conrad Foundation partnered with the Google Lunar X PRIZE to give these students and their teachers the opportunity to learn about topics in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and how incentivized competition can revolutionize the world. Youth got an opportunity to talk about their ideas and asked many questions about competitions. The Conrad Foundation’s Spirit of Innovation Awards and the MoonBots Competition were introduced to these students.

In addition to these discussions, real life Google Lunar X PRIZE team members were able to visit with the students as part of their education outreach for their Team Summit. Team members spoke about their personal interests, as well as energized the youth about space exploration. The following questions were asked by the students:

How much will it cost to send a robot to the Moon?
What did team members study in school?
Why do members want to visit space?
Do families and friends support team members’ passions?

During the Q&A, there were many laughs thanks to the wittiness of our team members, but more importantly our teams let it be known that dreams do come true. It is the hope of all of the partners that participated at today’s event that these youth will become our future space exploration ambassadors.

A special thanks goes to Ballakermeen High School for hosting the event.

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