International 2010 MOON CAPITAL Design Challenge Announces Winner

Six continents- twenty-six country submissions later, SHIFTboston, a Google Lunar X PRIZE Partner announced its 2010 Winner this week. Architects, artists, landscape architects, urban designers, industrial designers, planners and engineers proposed Lunar concepts that looked at original designs for a second generation living and working moon habitat. They also had the option to lexplain what they thought of the Moon being a new destination.

The winner was Author, Bryna Andersen of New York, NY USA. Bryna is a graduate student at Columbia University. Her concept was for a microwave provision of terrestrial energy collected with lunar photovoltaics which combines an interesting program and the notion of creating Earth-normal gravity on the lunar surface in a massive rotating torus. The concept was based on American physicist Dr. David Criswell’s proposal for the Lunar Solar Power System.

To view more on the winner, visit SHIFTboston’s website. The MOON BALL event can also be watched online.

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