Nanosat Launch Challenge and Vog, Unreasonable, and Phoenicia, AirshipZ, WP OpEd, TrueRC

@pomerantz: An OpEd in the Washington Post suggests Mark Zuckerberg should have used his $ to start an X PRIZE:

@teamprometheus: TrueRC Canada Just agreed to sponsor us with help for the long range transmitter we need for the nearspace...

I've mentioned this potential prize from @AirshipZ before, but it's good to check back:

@hobbyspacer: Sci-Tech: Z-Prize for green airship winner: There is also a new airship prize competition in development: The Air...

From Team Phoenicia:

Team Phoenicia and TechShop are proud to announce that on November 6th, 2010 at TechShop - Menlo Park at 1 PM will host the Nanosatellite Launcher Challenge Seminar.

The agenda is firming up, but organizations that will be presenting are NASA Centennial Challenge Office, the To Be Announced allied organization running the challenge, FAA, California Space Authority, New Mexico Spaceport Authority, Team Phoenicia and some of the SF Bay Area teams. ...

Check out the packed draft agenda at the top post for lots of details (the posts are in reverse chronological order):

It's Wonderful.
The whole thing.
Making the Purty (a video explanation) (a second interlude)
A Brief Interlude - This one points to an article "Building Lunar Landers" by the Menlo Park Patch.
You see, it's all very clear to me now.
I understand how you feel.
...yet [we] have the knowledge to make the trip work.

One of the presenters is Vog Rockets:

Pressure tank - Vog Rockets

A few ideas and loose ends - Unreasonable Rocket has some ideas about the Nano-satellite Launch Challenge, and ends with a request for access to a vacuum oven.

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