Prize Roundup: Mars Rover, Mars Prizes, Space Pirates, Nanosat Challenge Seats

@TheMarsSociety: #Poland's Magma rover for #Mars Society's University Rover Challenge 2010.

"Colonizing Mars" in the Journal of Cosmology - RLV News - The issue includes the article The Mars Prize and Private Missions to the Red Planet.

@Spaceport_NM Another successful #ispcs concluded, and my runway dedication is in a few hours... :D

The Kansas City Space Pirates throw in the towel… - The Space Elevator Blog - In addition to honoring this prominent Space Elevator Games team, this post gives some hints about the future:

I have had several conversations with Ben Shelef about the future of the Climber / Power-Beaming competition and, while it is much too early for me to spill any of the beans, I can safely say that some significant changes in the structure of the Games appear to be in the cards.

Team Phoenicia has a few new posts:

New Sponsor: Dragon Valves
New Sponsor: Micro/sys
Team Phoenicia/Techshop Nanosat Launcher Challenge Seminar Reservations Now Open

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