Prize Roundup: Nanosat Seminar, Earth Science Contest, at Google, more

@EarthPic: Earth Science in Action Classroom Contest Winners announced. Congrats and thanks to all who entered!

@ConradAwards: Students...Want to learn more about the Spirit of Innovation Awards?
@ChallengeGov: Excited for this morning's #ChallengeGov event at @Google DC. Thanks to @WebManagerU & @AdCouncil for co-sponsoring! 

If you check the ChallengeGov twitter link above, you'll see several pages of tweets about the event.  NASA's Jeff Davis represents the space field.

iGEM 2010 ~ Synthetic Biology Design Challenge! - Maximizing Progress

KCSP Closure party - The Space Elevator Blog participates in the Kansas City Space Pirates send-off:

So, what does KCSP have in store for the future?  I’m going to leave that for a blog update on their part.  Suffice it to say that they have new challenges they are taking on, but they are staying close and true to their robotic roots.

Nanosat launcher seminar update - RLV News

Briefs: Astrobotic update; Lunar city design contest - RLV News

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