Prize Roundup: SOIA Announcements, Sparkfun, Etsy Vote, Zooniverse Award, Nanosats, Rice Business Plan Competition, more

Texas Astronomical Society General Meeting - The University of Texas at Dallas - Comet Calendar:

This month our speaker will be  Neil Milburn, VP of Program Management, Armadillo Aerospace

There's more information at the Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas.

Google Lunar X PRIZE Roundup #37 - Luna C/I

Video of Laser-Powered Quadrocopter Endurance Flight - LaserMotive

Here's information about the 2011 Rice University Business Plan Competition. This year's event includes many prizes including the following space-specific ones:

  • $50,000 NASA “Game Changer” Commercial Space Innovation Prize
  • $20,000 NASA Earth/Space Life Science Innovation Prize
  • $20,000 NASA Earth/Science Engineering Innovation Prize
  • $15,000 Heinlein Prize Trust Space Commercialization Prize
@unrocket: Ready to out dislodged stuff in oxidizer tank (unused 2 yrs) substance unknown there fore. Unsafe no test today 8hr drive!!!
@ FLspacereport: Florida non-profit group offering suborbital flight to prize winner.

@MichaelBelfiore: Nanosats: has the time come?

@Etsy: 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF! Voting is now open for your fave semi-finalist from @NASA + @ETSY's Space Craft Contest!

@TeamPrometheus: Sparkfun just agreed to sponsor Team Prometheus!
@NASA_Lunar: Congrats to the Zooniverse (home of @moonzoo) for winning the President's Prize People's Choice award!

@ConradAwards: SOIA Important Announcements -

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