Prize Roundup: Unreasonable Prize Plans, Government Prize Forum, Kiwi2Space Engine Test, More

Team Phoenicia/Techshop Nanosat Launcher Challenge Seminar Presentations - Team Phoenicia

Ways to save the world... and more Rockets - Unreasonable Rocket comments on the Nanosatellite Launcher Challenge Seminar, Unreasonable plans for that challenge, Unreasonable weekend plans, and Lawrenceville Plasma Physics.  Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge team SpeedUp's President Bob Steinke is on the LPP team.

This was tweeted yesterday:

@NASAPrize: At Potomac Forum on Govt use of prizes and challenges at Williar Hotel in DC, talking about NASA's prize challenges

Here's more information on yesterday's forum:

Implementing OMB Guidance on the Use of Challenges and Prizes to Promote Innovative, Accountable and Open Government -

Updated information for EuSEC - Europe’s first Space Elevator Challenge - The Space Elevator Blog

Check out the new look:

@dmasten: Getting close to flight test.

More progress.

More About That Second Contract - Jon Goff at Altius Space Systems

@fineri: Pictures of the engine test here:

Polyurethane hybrid fuel test carried out tonight, video here:

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