Any updates on when the final rule set will be publicly released?

Ah, this is a good one to end on! Always a topic of interest.

The "release candidate" of the final rules set (or, more properly, the Master Team Agreement, which contains not only the technical rules but also the legal language necessary to make it a binding contract) has been submitted to our friends at Google for their final approval. I expect that will arrive shortly (although I've learned not to guess exact timelines whenever lawyers are involved). Once we have it, it will go out to teams, who will have a few weeks to sign it and get it back to us.

Finalizing these rules has been a loooooong process, but that's been by design. With so many iterations, and so many chances for teams and others to help us add clarity, close loopholes, and eliminate unnecessary requirements, the document has really benefit. It's been crowdsourcing in a very good way.

The final agreement will be made available for public download. So, don't believe the version you used to be able to find on the now infamous (for other reasons) WikiLeaks site--that was a interim draft for discussion purposes. I'm big on transparency, so we'll make the actual document available.

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