Catching up with Team Synergy Moon

2010 was a great year for catching up with a majority of the Google Lunar X PRIZE teams, as we had not just one, but two Team Summits (one in February at NASA JPL in Pasadena, California, and one in October at the Isle of Man). At both of these Summits, we conducted interviews with team representatives to find out what they are currently working on and what their plans for the future are. Every team has a unique story and approach to winning the Google Lunar X PRIZE, and our goal is to share this with you through a series of videos about the teams -- made up entirely of the interviews that we conducted throughout 2010. Enjoy! 
This week's team video is Team Synergy Moon, featuring team members Kevin Myrick, Miroslav Ambruš-Kiš, and Olav Zipser.

"Moon 2.0 is a brand new thing. It is the Moon for everyone; for the engineer, for private enterprise, for individuals who really want to get involved (finally) in going into space and doing space research, exploration, and development." - Kevin Myrick, Team Synergy Moon

This international team (12 countries!) has really been ramping up their efforts over the past year by partnering with educational institutions, technical organizations, marketing teams around the world. You can find Synergy Moon on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, GLXP and their own website. And now for your viewing pleasure, the Team Synergy Moon video:

Just yesterday, Team Synergy Moon made a big announcement that current team leader Kevin Myrick is stepping down and handing the reins over to the capable hands of Miroslav Ambruš-Kiš ("Mak") -- although Kevin assures us that he will still be very involved with the team. We wish Synergy Moon the best as they continue in pursuit of the Google Lunar X PRIZE, and in their space outreach efforts!

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