European Space Elevator Challenge, Masten Spotlight, Video Contest, More

I'm going to start a bit off-topic today.  Part of yesterday's post involved propellant depots and satellite servicing.  Here's some related news (via @spacevidcast):

NASA Awards Systems Engineering Contract For In-Space Servicing - NASA - The contract is for support of 2 Goddard Space Flight Center-led technology demonstrations at the ISS:

The first demonstration will use a customized payload task box, Dextre and specialized tools to robotically demonstrate refueling and repair tasks in orbit. Tasks will include locating, accessing and uncapping valves and transferring simulated liquid fuel. During the second demonstration, Dextre will test and evaluate a variety of tools, sensors and instruments to support autonomous rendezvous and capture capabilities for orbiting spacecraft systems.

And now back to the prizes and prize teams!

Suborbital Spotlight: Masten’s Xaero and Xogdor Vehicles - Parabolic Arc

Way out of the box presure system... - Unreasonable Rocket

PET third stage COTS tank - Unreasonable Rocket

The Leeward Space Foundation - The Space Elevator Blog

@SEGames: Europe will hold its first Space Elevator Challenge June 10-12, 2011. Details here:

@JUXTOPIA_JURBAN: It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Space Act Agreement Between Juxtopia and NASA has been signed. Congratulations!!!!!!!!

@NASA: Students: Reminder - time is running out to submit videos in the OPTIMUS PRIME Video Contest about NASA Technology

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