How many different countries are represented by the GLXP? Are any of the teams involving students in their process?

The Google Lunar X PRIZE is massively international, more so that any of our other competitions to date--and a HECK of a lot more so that the first era of lunar exploration.

Our current teams are headquartered in eleven nations, but many of them are themselves international, meaning that we have team members in something like 70 countries and on every continent save Antarctica (still working on that one). I think FREDNET--our most massively multinational team--alone has members in something like 60 nations.

As for students: they are also involved in a major way. I think we have something like 30 universities that are parts of registered teams. We have several younger students involved as well, including some of the students who competed in our "MoonBots" educational competition. And, of course, countless students and educators around the world have used our online lesson plans and video or have found other ways to incorporate the Google Lunar X PRIZE into related course work. To all of you students who had to answer Google Lunar X PRIZE questions on their engineering exams or similar: I hope you enjoyed them! And, depending on what grade you got, I'm sorry / you're welcome!

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