Set Blog Post to "Stun"

Well, Amanda, Chanda, and Nicky are already out on the road. I'm next.

While we'll still be working--with a registration deadline only nine days away, not working simply isn't an option--we'll also be spending more time than usual enjoy life, friends, and family over the next few days. In all likelihood, that means no blogging over the next few days. Likewise, our Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr accounts will be partaking in Yuletide merriment and generally being silent. We may pop back in--or Ray, our intrepid regular guest blogger, may post something--but for the most part, the Launch Pad will be on holiday.

2010 has been a pretty spectacular year. Think of all the amazing things that have happened in the space world and in the X PRIZE community: the awarding of our Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE, a sitting US President speaking about space policy at a NASA center, two Google Lunar X PRIZE team summits, the first flights of Falcon 9 and Dragon, the drop flights of SpaceShipTwo, et cetera, et cetera. The coolest part? 2011 is likely to be even better.

So thanks, dear readers, for stopping by, for reading what we have to say, for sharing your comments, for spreading the word, and for supporting the causes of Moon 2.0, incentive prizes, and making the future much, much better than today.

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