Team FREDNET and Team Barcelona Moon Featured on GLXP YouTube

The two latest video interviews feature Team FREDNET -- a veteran open source team with members in over 60 countries -- and Team Barcelona Moon, a team based in Spain that just joined the competition in Spring 2010.

The FREDNET video features an interview with Fred Bourgeois, Team Leader, who is an excellent proponent and speaker on the topic of Moon 2.0. It's always a pleasure to hear his passion on the subject of "Space for Everyone", and this video is no exception. To keep an eye on this dynamic team, be sure to check out their team website/blog, @TeamFREDNET on Twitter, and their Facebook page.

Team Barcelona Moon, being one of the newest teams to the competition, is ramping up their efforts to "catch up" with teams like FREDNET. They are collaborating and growing interest in space in the Barcelona region, and hint at more activity in social media in the near future -- so expect to hear great things from this team soon, and be sure to welcome them on Twitter and Facebook.

To enjoy the other Team videos that have been posted so far (Synergy Moon and the Part-Time Scientists), please visit our Google Lunar X PRIZE YouTube channel!

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