Just Announced! Kids Compete for Global Innovation Award

For all of you LEGO, FIRST, MoonBots and X PRIZE fans, I am happy to share that the FIRST® LEGO® League Global Innovation Award was announced today. It is designed for FLL teams across the globe to compete for a chance to win a cash award and recognition toward patenting a propose invention. Youth, ages 9-13 have the opportunity to submit their ideas online. In return, the public will get the opportunity to vote for best ideas and then a panel of expert judges will select the winning idea. The X PRIZE Foundation will grant a cash award of up to $20,000 and the top three teams will be invited to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) just outside of Washington, D.C. to present to a panel and to participate in an awards ceremony.

There really are some amazing ideas, like....

* A social network site called “Robautics” which is designed for kids to help kids develop advanced robotics technology in autism treatment options.

* The “iMed 2000” which is a device that will use color coded bands on prescription medicine bottles to help the user identify who the prescription was written for, the name of the medication as well as the daily dosage.

* The “Laser Blazer” which is a gyro-stabilized, multi-laser, gait enhancement device that "paints" multiple laser lines on the floor or ground for Parkinson's patients to use as a an external cue.

These team ideas and many more are posted online. Online voting is highly encouraged and you can vote once a day for your favorite idea. Show your support and vote today!

Note- Highlighting ideas does not give any advantage to the judging process.

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