Knew Where I Was Moment

Twenty five years ago today, we lost seven heroes on the Challenger Space Shuttle. For many people, it was a Knew Where I Was Moment. I was sitting in my 4th grade classroom when the principal urgently came into the classroom to tell us the news. I don’t really remember the next hour or even the next five minutes, but 25 years later I can still vividly remember that exact moment. I felt tremendous sadness for America and for the Space Program.

Today, 4th grade kids may not understand the impact that the Challenger loss had on our culture, but one thing is inspiring......these students have a true excitement for technology and can be instrumental in making it a true purpose in their lives. Students can have a BIG goal and a REAL purpose. Today’s students have grown up with the space business and have huge opportunities to take lessons they learn in STEM education and be the next Space Pioneer through government and private industry exploration.

There are many institutions that are providing the means to make this happen, one of them is the Challenge Center for Space Science Education (established by the families of the Challenger's Astronauts) . Today, they celebrated 25 Years of Inspiring Kids. There will be a year-long series of events to honor the legacy for the Challenger heroes.

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