Prize Roundup: LLC Teams, Balloon Contest, Karts and Wheels, SpaceWiki, More

RLV News had lots of news this week on former Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge teams:

Successful static firing of Masten Space's Xaero rocket
Video of test firing of Masten's "Brutus"
Masten static test of Brutus engine
Masten Space update...
Unreasonable Rocket/Scorpius SLC to develop H2O2 composite tanks
Armadillo Aerospace's tube rocket

That's not all, either:

NASA contest for student teams to send experiments to Near Space - RLV News

Team Phoenicia on Autoline Detroit - Team Phoenicia

Florida composer submits song in NASA's Space Rock contest - Space for All

Get published in MAKE! Enter the Karts and Wheels contest. - Makezine - Are there any Moonbuggies out there?

Ted Southern - Gitana Rosa Gallery

The ISS X Prize - Space KSC

Interview with Neda G. Ansari - Evadot

LaserMotive: Looking Forward in 2011 - LaserMotive

@SPIEtweets: @LaserMotive will be at SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing, will you? #SPIE #DSS11

@sedsusa: Don't forget that there are only 18 days left to participate in the SpaceWiki contest to benefit your SEDS-USA chapter!

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