A Final Friday Fun Day (#FFD) for Pomerantz: Live Q&A

It's been a monumental week. First, we got all of our teams to sign the "Master Team Agreement"--the governing contract for each team's participation in the Google Lunar X PRIZE, the document that includes the technical rules as well as all of the 'legalese'--after about three and a half years of work. Then, we announced our complete (and totally awesome) roster of teams to the world, including seven or eight new teams I know you'll enjoy getting to know (or, in the case of the new 'mystery team,' wonder about). Finally (no pun intended), on a personal level, it's my last week as an employee here at the X PRIZE Foundation, as I'll be heading off to Virgin Galactic starting next week.

To end on a strong note, I thought it would be fun to do another session of live Questions and Answers. Starting at 2pm Pacific (about 3.5 hours from the time I'm writing this), I will answer as many questions as I can for one hour. To submit questions, use the fancy widget or the less fancy link below--I probably won't see questions left in the comments here or on Twitter or Facebook. Answers will post both at the link below and here on the Launch Pad, where each Question and Answer couplet will appear as a separate blog post.

Questions can be also submitted and answers (when posted) can also be viewed at http://www.formspring.me/wpomerantz

As with previous Q&A sessions, I pledge to be as forthright as confidentiality agreements and export control laws allow me to be. One note--I'm not going to post answers to questions about my new job--let's keep this X PRIZE focused. Other than that, though, hit me with whatever you've got. Have a burning question about how the Google Lunar X PRIZE got started? Need a straight answer to get rid of one of those pesky "citation needed" flags on Wikipedia? Now is your chance.

I look forward to your questions!

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