Prize Roundup: Lunbotics Contractor, FIRST Peek, Night Rover Allied Org, Rocket Challenge, More

@nasawatch: Lunarobotics Mining Competition Awards Ceremony and Reception at KSC Visitor Complex

It looks like the scope of work for the Lunabotics contract also includes the opening ceremony and the competition itself.

@Team190: Check out the teaser video for this year's robot, the G-Rex! #omgrobots #WPI

Briefs: Night Rover Challenge needs management. WPI to run Sample Return Robot Challenge - RLV News

John Carmack and Paul Breed sponsor amateur rocket challenge prize - RLV News

@fineri: John Carmacks announcement of the 100kft micro prize on arocket has sparked abit of interest in the nz rocket community,positive interest :)

@fineri: @QuantumG go here for more pics mate:

Armadillo Aerospace tube rocket picts - RLV News

More Yuri's Night contests - Space for All

MIT $100K! ~ Business Plans Due 2/25 6p... - Maximizing Progress

@RCSpacePioneers: RCSP Team Leader, Tim Pickens, will speak at the Huntsville HAL5 meeting Mar. 3 about the #Google Lunar X PRIZE quest:

How are you going to fund your GLXP entry: The Nanosat Launcher Challenge Contracting - Team Phoenicia

Astrobotic Technology Inc. - D Minus Zero

@genomics_xprize: Pleased to announce that we're opening up the AGXP Validation Protocol for public comment. See details here:

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