Bill Nye the Science Guy Talks Space Exploration!

While attending the National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) Conference last week, I had the great pleasure of getting the opportunity to meet Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Speaking to approximately 3,500 science educators, Nye opened his presentation with the question, “How are you going to change the world?” Nye's answer...... "You do it by finding a connection between young people and the future of the world."

As Nye talked about the importance of STEM education, and algebra being a very significant predictor to student's success rates in school, it was also very apparent that Nye had one thing on his mind... SPACE EXPLORATION education.

"We are living at a time where we do not have a consistent plan for space. We need to get people excited about space. It brings out the very best in all of us," Nye stated. At the conclusion of the presentation, a teacher walked up to the front of the stage and asked Nye what he thought of the Google Lunar X PRIZE? "Are you kidding me? It is awesome! Having spacecraft on the moon is that very connection we need between young people and the world."

Mitch Aiken- Director of Education, X PRIZE Foundation
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Chanda Gonzales- Manager of Education, Google Lunar X PRIZE

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