Prize Roundup: Jousting, Slinky, Student Launches, Nanosat Vids, Space Tech, CAFE on FB, More

Sometimes a space prize is a space prize because of who is hosting the competition:

Competitive Jousting on the Shores of Lake Austin - - Richard Garriott is the host of Lysts on the Lake.

2011 Weightless Object Contest Winner - ZERO-G Facebook - The winner is the Slinky.

Nanosat Launcher Challenge Raw Video #12-15: Dr Andrew Petro on the Centennial Challenges - Team Phoenicia - You can find the earlier videos on the Nanosat Launcher Challenge meeting at their site, too.

Gallery: NASA Student Launch Projects - The Huntsville Times has a photo gallery for the student competition.

SpaceTech Engineering Design Challenge - SpaceHack shows a competition for college students that NASA's new Office of Space Technology wants to hold.

Space Angels Network LOS ANGELES Venture Forum, April 28, 2011 - Space Angels Network is holding this event for accredited investors at 1 Rocket Rd in Hawthorne, CA.  You can probably guess where that is.  The presenting company is Astrobotic Technology, Inc.

NASA Awards Contract for Lunar Gravity Simulation Device - Astrobotic

Our Sputnik Moment: US Entrepreneurs Needed for the "Space Race" - The Huffington Post features Naveen Jain from Moon Express.

LaserMotive to Present to 29th Annual Space Power Workshop - LaserMotive

FRC Championship at the Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis, Missouri - - The event will be held April 27-30.  NASA will live stream the event.

CAFE Foundation on Facebook - Their most recent update there links to their blog post Berblinger Flight Competition Winners for 2011.  Their blog also notes that the 5th Annual CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium Launches New Age of Flight on April 29-30.  That symposium includes some prize content: 

As a special event, EAS V will debut the awesome array of experimental new electric aircraft that will compete 9 weeks later in the 2011 NASA Aeronautics Prize, the CAFE Green Flight Challenge (July 10-17 at Santa Rosa Airport).

James Cameron And Eric Schmidt On Why They "Visioneer" For X Prize - Fast Company

X PRIZE Visioneering and The Mother of All Business Plan Competitions - Tech Crunch

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