Round 'Em Up -- GLXP Team Videos!

The Google Lunar X PRIZE teams have ramped up the regular posting of videos about their teams, robots, and missions lately -- which seems like a great excuse to start a weekly video roundup of team videos. Barcelona Moon Team, Plan B, Penn State Lunar Lion Team, ARCA, Euroluna, and Next Giant Leap all posted videos in the past week, ranging from technical discussions and prototype footage to an animated robot that reports on the latest team news. And so, without further ado...

Barcelona Moon Team posted a video of constructing their latest prototype. Bigger wheels! Retracting wheel action! Looking forward to watching this design evolve.

Plan B also added a video about their rover prototype. They are building their frame using aluminum (later to be aluminum/carbon fiber hybrid) and discuss the current design of the wheels.

The Penn State Lunar Lion Team discusses trade-off studies that students are conducting for launch vehicles. "This is a whole new game. This is something that hasn't been done in 40 years."

ARCA continues to document their massive undertaking in building a supersonic aircraft from scratch. Pretty impressive, really. They are currently working with "T2" molds which will eventually form a major part of the airframe of the aircraft. Visit their YouTube channel to see additional episodes this week as well.

Team Puli posts a recent TV interview with the local news. It is in Hungarian (the team suggests that this is a good place to start learning the language if you don't know it already :) ). There are some good animations to look at as well!

Euroluna went to Denmark to work on their cubesat, Romit1. The team is testing out software. There is a minimal amount of banging of heads on desks (ok, there is actually none of that), so it appears that the tests went well!

Last, but certainly not least -- Next Giant Leap introduces us to "LEAPRR", their new robotic lunar correspondent. He tells robot jokes! Love it.

Yee haw! Catch y'all next week.

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