Prize Roundup: Counting Craters, Earth Day Videos, Rockets, Asteroids, Sample Return Rules

NASA Requires Source Code from Robot Challenge Entrants - Robotic Trends on the Sample Return Robot Challenge

Draft Rules Feedback - WPI responds to some of the concerns from their comments sections and articles like the Robotic Trends one.

Earth at the Movies - NASA Earth Observatory on the 2011 NASA Earth Day Video Contest with the theme The Home Frontier (link via NASA Watch)

Caltech Space Challenge: Mission to an Asteroid - California Institute of Technology - Two groups of students will participate in a workshop and compete to design a mission to an asteroid or comet.  Here is more information about the workshop.

The Second NTL Marathon Match Challenge - NASA Tournament Lab (NTL) - This competition will be to develop algorithms to automatically detect craters from remote sensing images.  The winners of the previous challenge, the Planetary Data System Idea Challenge, were announced recently.

College rocket teams competing in Utah contest - RLV News

Materials wizard wins $500,000 prize - Cosmic Log

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