Twenty Finalists Named in “MoonBots 2.0” Educational Contest

The Google Lunar X PRIZE and LEGO Group are pleased to announce the twenty finalists for MoonBots 2.0, a global educational contest.

Top 20 Finalists

2011 LEGO Odyssey- California, US

Anthem-a-Tronics- Arizona, US

DragonBots- Santiago, Chile

Iron Reign- Texas, US

LegoAces- Ohio, US

Lehi Moonstormers- Utah, US

Lunar LegoBots- Tennessee, US

Lunar Lords- Washington, US

Lunar Scouts- Virginia, US

Molokai Mahina 2.0- Hawaii, US

Moonwalk- New Jersey, US

New Hartford RoboSpartans- New York, US

Pi In The Sky- Virginia, US

Q.E.D.- North Carolina, US

Raider Robotix- New Jersey, US

Say Watt?- New Jersey US

Team Just Ducky- Minnesota, US

Techno Inventors- Subang Jaya, Malaysia

The Pink Team- Florida, US

X-Treme Team- California US

We want to thank all of this year’s MoonBots teams for their submissions! We look forward to sending all team members some great prizes!!!

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