MoonBots in the Media

Over the past weekend, the 20 MoonBots finalists were put to the test as their Lego Moon rovers were required to perform live missions for the judging panel. Teams earned points toward their grand total by carrying out mission objectives (such as finding "water ice" and exploring craters), and were additionally judged on their STEM outreach projects carried out over the summer. While the winners of the competition won't be officially announced until Thursday, it is worth noting that these teams have done some extraordinary outreach work, and the media has taken notice.

The following is just one such example. Team "Just Ducky" were featured on Fox News Twin Cities -- check out the video below to see their robot in action. Pretty cool.

It's also worth mentioning that Team "Dragonbots" was featured on CNN Chile -- for a full 14 minutes! The video is not embeddable here, but you can click the image below to watch (note: video in Spanish!).

Congratulations to all of the MoonBots participants -- you all accomplished GREAT things this summer.

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