Rover Video Roundup

The past couple of months have kept me busy working on the new Google Lunar X PRIZE website, and Chanda has been keeping students busy this summer building MoonBots (finals are this weekend!). But what have the GLXP teams been up to? Some exciting stuff, from the looks of it. Here are a couple of videos posted recently to give you an idea...

White Label Space just announced that they will unveil their prototype on Monday, August 29th, along with the following teaser video (hint: you can click the "cc" button and use Google Translate to catch what they are saying):

Team Barcelona Moon also posted a video of a prototype designed to deal with rocks on the lunar surface:

Finally, keep an eye on Team JURBAN. They announced that they have hardware built and are doing a demo at a Baltimore Inner Harbor robotics event on September 25th. They even promised a special guest that they will be announcing soon!

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